Interactive Learning Area

Rutherford School is leading the way in immersive learning and ICT. We are very proud of our state of the art Interactive Learning Area (ILA). The ILA focuses on enhancing pupils learning abilities and enabling them to have more control over their own environment through the use of their own personal switches.

The aim of each session is to provide access for opportunities to communicate, turn something on and off, relax or play and control their environment. Activities in the ILA include operating the automated electric blinds and opening automated doors using a programmable Big Jack connected to their switch. We also have infra-red sockets which allows mains powered domestic appliances to be switched on and off by remote control. For example lamps, radios and fans can be operated remotely via the controllable Infra-Red socket which switches the power on and off.  These provide core values of Equality: Everyone has the right to be or become independent; Empowerment: Allow PMLD pupils to carry out everyday tasks themselves and provide support through technology.


Rutherford School has a passion for exciting and innovative learning technologies. Our ILA room was designed and installed by the Sensory Guru team which is comprised of a collection of talented designers, engineers, education specialists and programmers all committed to making a positive impact on the learning development of children with special educational needs. We can create images through our large projection on our purpose built room with plain white walls.

Colour Wash Lighting

Our L.E.D. colour wash lighting is the perfect accompaniment to any hall or relaxation space. Coloured light gently washes the walls with a range of subtle hues helping to create a calming tranquil atmosphere. Colour Wash is great way to set an ambiance or to reinforce/support a theme.

Opti Music

Opti Music is a powerful multimedia switching system that uniquely features light beams as a switch inputting device. As users move through the beams any number of sound, image, video or lighting events can activate a number of fully interactive scenes. This is absolutely fantastic when creating special events or topic based subjects.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is a revolutionary movement controlled software/camera system that can be activated by any part of the body, including the eyes! Imagine looking in a mirror and seeing stars all around you, which then change colour and play sounds as you interact with them – that is essentially what the Magic Mirror is about. A simple flick of a finger can trigger any number of audio-visual events, from a musical note or sound to a fully interactive visual scenario.

Tobii PCEye Go

Our new Tobii PCEye Go (Eye Gaze) is an easy to use, stand-alone eye control device that can be used with personal computers and laptops. It is quick to set up, highly accurate and provides total control of your computer using only your eyes. Tobii PCEye Go, is the perfect eye control unit for users at every level of the eye gaze learning curve and can be used by over 95% of users to eye control, regardless of eye colour, glasses, contact lenses, lighting conditions or head movements.


iPad 2 are proving to be a worthwhile resource in school. The iPad is not a toy but a valuable teaching tool especially with PMLD pupils. It covers so much of our curriculum in an easy to use format that has helped us to develop bespoke programs for individual pupils. From sensory to visual and communication Apps, its use in school is priceless. We are investing in more for the school and developing new techniques to deliver individual programs written for the pupils to create an immersive learning environment. The use of iPads and assistive technology enables our pupils to have full access to the profound curriculum.