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Parents, Carers and or Local Authorities may approach us in relation to an appropriate placement. The school’s admission policy (available on request) clearly outlines the procedure and guidance for appropriate applications. If a child meets the admissions criteria which are summarised below, the following action is taken.

Prospective pupil and parents visit the school to meet the staff and to be shown around the school during its working day.

When appropriate documentation is received from the SEN department, the Head Teacher and Senior Staff meet to discuss the referral in detail. Which is usual for an assessment with our Multi-Disciplinary Staff Team to be arranged.

Once the placement is confirmed, the school transition procedures are then implemented and parents are invited to a morning or afternoon visit together with their child to plan a series of transition sessions to the class they will be joining. Individual needs will reflect the number of transition sessions required.

Rutherford School encourages parents to work in partnership with the school, to make the pupil’s introduction to our school as smooth and exciting as possible.


We currently have vacancies please contact the office on 0208688 7560 or email us at

Summary of Admissions Criteria

  • The primary presenting need of the pupil is Profound and Multiple Learning Disability often accompanied by complex medical needs and/or severe sensory impairment.
  • The school is confident that it can make provisions as outlined on the Statement of Special Educational Needs.
  • Admission would be compatible with the efficient education of other pupils.
  • Rutherford School is a Specialist Independent School.
  • Our Inclusion policy is available on request.

Baseline Assessment

A baseline assessment commences when a place has been offered.

The information shared between parent and teacher will form the basis of the Baseline Assessment. This information, together with the Statement of Educational Needs and advice from relevant outside agencies, is used to write the first Individual Education Plan by the end of the first half-term in school.

Parents are encouraged to be fully involved, especially in the target setting for their child’s first year in school. Any pupil entering school at a later stage will have a comprehensive entry assessment carried out by the appropriate class teacher and the school’s Multi-Disciplinary Team.
Annual Reviews

All pupils have a statutory review of their progress in compliance with Statutory SEN legal framework. STAR reviews are held which are not statutory but complement the holistic ethos of partnership working.


Rutherford School is an inclusive specialist school for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. We believe equality of opportunity is central to good educational practice. Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, faith, culture, gender or ability is not tolerated at the school. The school’s Equal Opportunities, Race Equality and Special Needs policies are available on request from the school. Pupils’ needs are comprehensively assessed upon admission to the school to ensure the appropriate specialist equipment is available to meet their needs.

Out of School Activities

We are pleased to provide a wide range of activities and experiences related to curriculum activities in the classroom. First-hand practical experiences are provided to help pupils to learn. We offer day trips and short educational outings. All off-site activities are arranged in accordance with the health and safety of pupils on educational visits (DfES 2002). Parents are consulted beforehand for full-day visits, written parental consent is required before a child may participate, and full measures are taken to provide for any special care or medical needs. In accordance with the 1988 Education Reform Act, we may only request a voluntary contribution towards the cost of such visits. Parental inability to make a contribution will not result in a pupil being excluded from an activity. In the event of a parental contribution not being available, funds may come from other sources. Some educational visits may incur additional costs that are beyond the school’s usual cash resources. If failure to obtain such funds threatens the viability of the activity, then the activity may have to be cancelled.

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