Our Curriculum

The Rutherford School Curriculum:

We have developed a differentiated curriculum appropriate for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties and associated sensory impairments.

The Rutherford Curriculum emphasis is on a clear functional and developmental curriculum that promotes primarily pupil choice, autonomy and independence. Regardless of disability, all learners have access to a curriculum which is broad, balanced and designed to be relevant to individual need. All areas of the curriculum and the resources available, contribute to the development of the whole child. We value the following five key areas;

  • Being  healthy (Movement, Maths, Skills for Independence)
  • Staying Safe (Language [communication skills], Finding Out, Skills for Independence)
  • Enjoying and achieving (Arts and community based learning)
  • Making a positive contribution (topic based work, social activities)
  • Achieving economic wellbeing (celebrating our Equality and Diversity).

For more information click on the following link:

 The Rutherford School Curriculum Document