Helpful Info: Transition into Adulthood.

As parents and carers of pupils with very specific special needs the thought of transitioning into adulthood can be daunting and an uphill battle.

Recently Christy, parent to a non-verbal special needs son, made contact with the school after seeing our web page. She has done a lot of research on this topic and has offered some helpful links.

Here is what Christy had to say: “Hi there, Thank you for all the work you do to help those in the special needs community. I’m Christy, mom to a special needs kiddo and one of the owners of Recently I’ve been helping others locally by researching issues around the transition to adulthood. I know my own child will absolutely NOT be ready to go off on his own at 18. He’s 6 and still nonverbal. I saw your page and thought I’d share some of the resources I came across in the hopes they would help more people since this is such a difficult topic”