The Physiotherapy Team will work with Families and the Education Team to develop a suitable physical management plan for the pupils.

This will involve:

  • Discussion with families about concerns over a pupil’s physical development.
  • Assessing what the pupil can do and what his or her physical needs are.
  • Establishing long term goals for the pupil and how to break them down into short term achievable targets.
  • Joint working with other Therapies and Education to establish joint goals and a holistic approach to the pupil’s needs.
  • Working on individual activities with the pupils as a part of their overall physical management.
  • Producing an initial assessment on new pupils and then subsequent yearly reports on his or her progress at school.
  • Advising Families on continuing physical management at home through home visits as required.
  • Attending any other appointments as and when you request support.
  • Liaising with other professionals and outside agencies that are involved with you and your child.
  • Designing of physical management programmes (PE, Hydrotherapy, Rebound Therapy and postural management) that can be easily integrated into the school routine.
  • Assessment for and review of postural management equipment at school and home (seating systems, standing frames, sleep systems and lying boards etc.).

What is required of you:

  • Keep in touch with the Physiotherapist and inform the team of any changes or concerns.
  • To attend joint clinics held at the school – Orthotics, Wheelchair Clinic, Equipment Assessments and Annual Physiotherapy Review Clinic.
  • Inform the Physiotherapist in advance of any appointments you would like support with.

Aims of Physiotherapy:

  • Maximise the pupil’s functional abilities.
  • Minimise the risk of contractures and deformities.
  • Postural management.
  • Improve activities of daily living.
  • Improve ability to communicate.