Music Therapy

Two part-time music therapists are employed at our school.  The main duties of the music therapists are to assess and provide ongoing music therapy for individual pupils and also facilitate small music therapy groups.

Music therapy sessions focus particularly on a pupil’s feelings, and these are expressed within an evolving relationship with the therapist.  The music played and sung during sessions is mainly improvised, giving maximum opportunity for spontaneous musical expression.  The therapist is trained to observe and listen to the pupil’s music and respond to it in a similar but not identical way, so that it may lead to a greater understanding of themselves and help a pupil to explore his/her feelings at a deeper level.

It is important to understand that the music played in the sessions is not an end in itself, or simply recreational, but is seen as a reflection of the pupil’s inner world and an expression of their feelings, however difficult.

For more information about music therapy, please visit the British Association for Music Therapy –