Our Facilities

We offer inclusive education based on a multidisciplinary approach in our purpose built classrooms, which are all fitted with an overhead hoisting track system.

The School Building

In the spring of 2008 HRH Princess Anne opened our brand new annex to the existing Rutherford School Building. The school has 5 classrooms with bespoke fittings. All the classes have ceiling track hoists to facilitate the pupils’ comfort and to ensure safe manual handling practices. Four of the classes have their own en-suite bathrooms while the 5th has a bathroom in close proximity to the class. All bathrooms have shower and toilet facilities.

The school is home to:

  • An Outdoor Sensory Garden
  • 21st Century state of the art Interactive Learning Area (ILA), with advanced ICT features designed by Sensory Guru
  • AKKA Mobility Tracking System
  • A Multi-sensory room designed in consultation with Richard Hirstwood
  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Rebound therapy facilities
  • External client service for Assessment, Hydrotherapy and Rebound
  • Saturday Club
  • Summer Club