Parents & Support

If you are looking for a unique caring environment in which you child will thrive and learn then Rutherford School is the appropriate school for your son or daughter, or if you are a professional supporting a family looking for a school placement, please read the information below.

How to make an enquiry or referral

Referrals are usually made by pupils’ local authority, and usually in consultation with local social services and health services. Enquiries about placement / referrals can also be made by parents, carers and family members. We welcome referrals from outside our local borough.

The school can offer assistance in the process of attaining a referral. Please contact the school office: 020 8688 7560 /

Professionals and families are welcome to visit the school. Please contact the school office to arrange a visit.


Hear Nilka & Thiran’s Story




‘In October 2005, Thiran started at Rutherford School.  That opportunity was introduced to us by Lisa Taylor the Speech and Language Therapist at the Crystal Centre.  Our whole family life changed at this point.  At this time Thiran was almost 6 years old although he was very, very small.   I recall Tessa Ring was the Head and she welcomed us and made us feel at home, as did all of the staff.


After that point we learned through the nursing team all about gastrostomy feeding, fundoplication and the wheelchair services – all different types of medical support and therapy needs.  Actually we were so happy to see that Thiran was able to enjoy his life and his quality of life improved significantly.


From thereon in Thiran was socialising and he began to vocalise more and more (he doesn’t stop now!!!).


Life changed so much, the school were able to support us through our immigration status by providing the appropriate information about Thiran for the Judge and words cannot express how much this has changed our family’s future.


To be honest without the holistic approach which is delivered by the school and Thiran’s subsequent progress across all areas, our family situation would undoubtedly be very different. 


Our introduction to Rutherford School has changed and improved our whole family’s outlook beyond expectation and we no longer live in fear of the future for Thiran.’


Nilka Madurapperuma