London Marathon Runner – Heather

Heather is running her 1st London marathon! We are delighted that she chose The Garwood Foundation and Rutherford School as her charity. Wishing her all the best of luck with her training!

“I am very excited to be running my first London Marathon for the Garwood Foundation…I started running in 2014 and followed the NHS couch to 5k app and with a little encouragement from some friends I soon pushed onwards to running in my first organised race in 2015 – the London Winter Run – 10km seemed such a long way to run at the time ! I have enjoyed running with many of my friends and family since then. A highlight of my running journey was joining Ben Smith (of The 401 Challenge) when he ran one of his marathons in Croydon in 2016. Ben was on a challenge to run 401 consecutive marathons and it was an honour for me to be able to run alongside him on one of them. I also love running with my four legged running buddy Bluey (my sisters dog)… However, in 2016 as Bluey followed his nose across my path I tripped over him – sending me crashing to the ground and damaging my knee in the process – but after some time off for surgery and physio I soon got back on track and was out running again.

I am looking forward to running the London Marathon but I am also quite nervous thinking of the amount of commitment that I will need to give to my training over the next few months. I know much of my training will out on cold wet evenings but I am very happy to be raising much needed funding for the Garwood Foundation and that will get me through the training. On my visit to one of the Garwood Foundation’s schools, the Rutherford School, I saw the fantastic facilities provided for the children that attend the school. I know first hand how important such facilities are to the children and what a difference it makes to a family when a child’s needs can be met and they can be confident that their child is being cared for in the correct setting.

This is a local charity to me and that makes this extra special.

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Lots of love from Heather xxx”