Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Dr. Carole Nicholson – Head of School
Lucy Harris – Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist
Rachael Hickman – Senior Nurse

Safeguarding Officers

Jean Simpson
Rachael Hickman

Secretarial Support

Terry Frankcom – Office Manager
Hannah James – Admin

Special Support

Sarah Hanmer – VI & Sensory Specialist and H&S Manager
David Orlebar – ICT and Saturday Club Co-ordinator
Paramjit Ram – HR Officer
Karin Schnabel – Fundraiser
Colin Williamson – Admin for Finance and Therapy


Maliha Asim
Jo Coomber
Emma Davies
Lindi Paterson
Jean Simpson

Senior Class Assistants

Fran Condon
Jenny Hollis
Jessica Rose
Jo Watts

Classroom Assistants

Hayley Davis
Sophie Forbes
Bev Fox
Debbie Graves
Julia Harran
Mercelynn Hopeson
Jacqueline Jackson
Maria Maher
Jemma Mallon
Sue McCoy
Lucy O’Neil 
Tracy Ramos
Caroline Simms
Yogi Yogalingam

Specialist Staff

Lucy Harris – Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist
Gemini Shah – Paediatric Physiotherapist
Georgina Cope – Speech & Language Therapist and Dysphaxia Specialist
Elizabeth Maunder – Occupational Therapist
Gosia Seabrook – Occupational Therapist
Wendy Curnow – Therapy/Aqua Assistant
Jade Yearwood – Therapy/Aqua Assistant
Stephen Haylett – Music Therapist
Sarah Kong – Music Therapist
Hayley Southern – Drama Therapist

Nursing Team

Rachael Hickman – Nursing Team Manager
Karen Anderson – Nurse
Princess Goba – Nurse
Claire Green – Nurse
Teri Kerr – Nurse
Jane Westcott-White – Nurse
Mary Arthur – Healthcare Assistant

Catering & Housekeeping

Jacey Cope – Chef
Mark Hickman – Caretaker
Brian Jones – Assistant Cleaner