London Marathon Runners 2020.

2020 London Marathon

We have some outstanding people running the London Marathon this year. If you can, please donate to any of them. The smallest donation will make a difference to people with physical and learning disabilities and children and young people with profound and multiple disabilities. Thank you for your support.

Lindsey Humber, read her story and donate by clicking on the donation link below:


My story
Thank you for visiting my page! I wanted to tell you a little bit about my running journey and the charity that I will be supporting in the hope that you can support me and make a donation that will genuinely change the lives of adults and children who The Garwood Foundation support.
In June 2018 I started running in order to get fit and to be a positive role model to my daughter Inayah. Before that I had never done any sort of sustained exercise. But I fell in love with running!
In 2019 I raised money for Inayah’s Pre-school and I ran 12 races including 4 half marathons. I remember when I was on my year abroad at the age of 21 watching all those people on the tv running the London Marathon and feeling inspired to run and do the same! Well, it may be 14 years later but here I am!
I decided to let fate decide whether I got into the London Marathon by entering for the first time for a ballot position. I didn’t get one and I was secretly really disappointed but reasoned with myself that the chances were slim.
The very next day and completely out of the blue (fate at work!) an ex-colleague/friend Davina messaged me to say that she had been following my running journey on social media and asked if I would like to run for the charity her husband works for: The Garwood Foundation.
Finding out more about the charity I felt I could really get behind them and raise the money they need to help adults and children with cerebral palsy and other profound disabilities. As a teacher, education is a very important part of me and my life – to be able to raise money to support the advancement of education, welfare and treatment of adults and children would mean so much to me and I think as a smaller charity they would really benefit from any funds I can raise. Please see their website for more information about their work:


I am sure you’d agree that anything I can do will benefit them greatly!
Up until now I have ran 13 miles. The thought of then running another 13 miles again petrifies me – will I be able to do it?
With your support and with The Garwood Foundation in the forefront of my mind I know I can do this. I will do it for Garwood, I will do it because you have shown faith in me, I will do it for me and I will do it for Inayah!

Charlotte Smith, read her story and donate by clicking on the donation link below:

My story
So this year I am doing something that I never thought would happen…. The London Marathon!! I only really started properly running 18 months ago and am beyond excited to take part in one of the greatest races in the world!
I am taking part in the London Marathon in aid of The Garwood Foundation! They are a charity based in Croydon which provides care, treatment and education for adults and children who have cerebral palsy and other profound, multiple, acquired or other disabilities, particularly for those living in the London Boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Bromley!
If you would like to find out more about the charity, please visit:


I have set a fundraising target of £1,000 and I and my charity would massively appreciate any donations you can give, great or small! Thank you so much in advance!

Eamonn McCarthy, read his story and donate by clicking on the donation link below:

My story
Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I am running the 2020 London Marathon for the Garwood Foundation Through Virgin Money Giving. This charity is dear to me and I want to try to raise some funds to support there everyday help with the local children. I have a dear friend of mine who’s son has severe learning difficulties and by me raising some funds this will go a long way in helping his son learn and grow and feel important and be around other kids who suffer from similar disabilities and give them some hope that there not alone. I am very excited to run for the Garwood foundation and I will do my best to get through the marathon. All funds raised will go to the Garwood Foundation who play a great role in south London with there schools. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.
Eamonn McCarthy

Lowri Fothergill, read her story and donate here

My story
Thank you so much for visiting my page!
Having worked with people of varying disabilities for many years, The Garwood Foundation are a fantastic charity that resonate a lot with me. They are a hard-working charity supporting and empowering people with disabilities of all backgrounds, to maximise their quality of life and to maintain and develop new skills.
Your donations will help the charity immensely as they are currently fundraising for a hydrotherapy pool and as they strive towards their mission: to promote the care, welfare, interest, treatment and advancement of education of adults and children having cerebral palsy and other profound, multiple, acquired or other disabilities, particularly those living in the London Boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Bromley.
I’m taking it easy as I’ve struggled with injuries for some time now so don’t expect any personal bests however I will do my best on the day for this amazing charity.
I am absolutely determined to complete the London Marathon for this wonderful charity, and because of your support, I know I will definitely do it
Thank you in advance for any help towards this

Eileen O’Brien, read her story and donate by clicking on the donation link below:

My story
I have been very fortunate in life to have achieved a lot through education and have benefitted hugely from running which I took up later in life.
I am looking forward to the challenge of running the Virgin Money London Marathon this year to raise funds for The Garwood Foundation. This is a charity that promotes the care, welfare, treatment and advancement of education of adults and children with cerebral palsy and profound and multiple learning difficulties. The Foundation has plans to build a new hydrotherapy pool which will be a great asset due to its many benefits.
Take a look at The Garwood Foundation website to learn more about what they do, including a school for children and young adults to aged 25, a day centre and a residential unit.
All money raised will help the Foundation to continue their invaluable work.
I hope to raise £2000 to help the Foundation and I know with your help I can achieve this target.
Thank you for your donation. No matter how small, it all helps.


We would like to wish you the best of luck in your training. We will be cheering for you on the day!