A New Minibus for Rutherford School

Rutherford School, part of the Garwood Foundation has been presented with a new minibus by Lord’s and Ladies Taverners with their sponsor, the Pen Partnership.

Their generous donation will enable the children of Rutherford School, who all have profound and multiple learning disabilities, to go on trips to enhance their learning, but also their life experiences.

In addition, Sixth Formers will be able to travel to the Garwood Foundation’s Bramley Hill Centre for their work experience or take part in trips into the community, such as local farms, garden centres, cafes, cinemas, bowling etc. It is extremely helpful to have this fantastic new bus as it enables our pupils to go out as a group and therefore form friendships with each other.

Mr. Conrad Chandler from Lord’s and Lady Taverners said that they are very proud to provide Rutherford School with a minibus. They made more than 1200 minibuses available for community projects since 1976. They also thanked the Pen Partnership for fundraising and Mr. Mark Butcher, the ambassador for Lord’s Taverners, who presented Rutherford School with the keys for the new minibus.